Small Pearl + 3 Dentallium Copper Choker

House of Sutai

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House of Sutai 

Handmade by Peshawn Bread (Comanche, Kiowa, Cherokee)

Small single tier pearl and dentallium choker with copper beads. 

*This product only includes the shorter necklace strand. Medium length necklace sold separately. 

"In their latest artistic venture, filmmaker, model, and designer Peshawn Bread (Comanche/Kiowa/Cherokee) recently announced the creation of their own fashion house; House of Sutai. The name comes from the Comanche word for “Bless”, which Bread has always held dearly to themselves, and what they now hope to share with their audience. This aspect is just one of many that they aim to explore through House of Sutai, in what they call “a marriage between filmmaking and fashion.'" -Native Max Magazine