Minimalist Bath Soak - Matriarch

W|E Co.

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Handmade by Danielle Allan (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians), W|E Co. 

Heart medicine created with a specific archetype in mind, the Matriarch.

The Matriarchs above who led with unwavering love and perseverance, the Matriarchs here lighting the way in the present and those who will continue to carry the torch in the future. To me, nothing represents this more than our Rose family. Beautiful, soft and nurturing while remaining strong and resilient. I hope this offering reminds you of the medicine you hold within your heart.


~ Each jar contains 100mg of broad spectrum CBD.

~ A salt blend that eases aches and pains.

~ No artificial scents, coloring or other harmful ingredients.

~ Reusable glass jars.

~ Labels are biodegradable and compostable.

Suggested Use:

While the bath is running, add half the mixture into warm running water. Sink in and be held in a bed of roses. Following your experience, rinse off and apply one of our soothing body oils. As with any bath soak, rinse your tub after use.

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, *Rose Petals, *CBD, *Coconut Oil, *Rose Geranium Essential Oil, *Rose Absolute.


NET WT: 16 fl. Oz

CBD: 100mg

Servings: 2

Warning: For topical use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from children. Consult your physician before use. If adverse reaction, discontinue use.