1924 Baker Roll

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Compiled by Bob Blankenship (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians)

The Final Roll of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina. The official base roll of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians was compiled and approved by Fred A. Baker pursuant to an act of the 68th Congress, on June 24, 1924. Before preparation of this roll, the Act required that all land, money, and other property of the Tribe be transferred to the United States for final disposition. Termination of the Tribe as a government was the ultimate goal. After termination efforts failed, the Tribe continued to use the 1924 Baker Roll as its base roll. Descendants of those persons of the original Baker Roll are enrolled on the Baker Revised Roll, providing they meet the membership requirements of the Tribe. B Bob Blankenship. 

A Cherokee Roots Publication, 1998. Softcover; 316 pages.